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A big thank you to my supporters.  

I wouldn't be at this point without them!


The first time I held a SLR camera nine years ago, I had not the slightest idea of the impact this would have on my life.

My neighbor let me borrow his camera at a party. It did not take long and I began to experiment.

Soon after I took all of my savings to buy my first SLR camera and I headed out to take pictures of everything that seemed interesting to me, almost exclusively animals. The years went by, I practiced and practiced, gave away my first camera and invested everything I had in good equipment and travelling.

A lot of people questioned, not unjustifiably, how a 15-year-old child from the city discovers nature photography. Why does it get up at 4 in the morning on weekends rather than falling in to bed and asleep?

The answer can probably be found in my education and my mom’s occupation. She works as a nature familiar, knowledgeable and enthusiastic forest pedagogue. She took me into nature and sharpened my senses and knowledge about animals and plants.

On vacation in Scandinavia with my family I was outside all day as a child and thus learned at an early age to identify different bird species.

This passion stayed with me and grew continuously. And I realize every now and then that the perseverance and discipline that I needed to capture unique moments in nature sparks its very own enthusiasm in comparison to other photographic fields.

Especially when capturing ordinary animals, which a lot of people know, it is my goal to portray them in a different and abstract way. Thus opening up people’s eyes to the nature right in front of their doorsteps and to raise awareness for them.

Opposed to human photography everything does not go according to plan but I have to be spontaneous and face nature’s conditions however they meet me. This is the reason why a lot of motives and pictures, which have been taken in my head a hundred times, will stay there.

In 2013 in order to realize at least some of them I started to deepen my skills regarding organization of photography and the use of artificial light while photographing of people.

My initial goal was to stage, model and plan light effectively. Soon I realized that capturing human emotion has its very own appeal.  This can be seen especially in wedding photography. Hence, I ended up pursuing both, nature and human photography.



2010: Baltic Sea Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year, 2. Place German Nature Photographer Of The Year Categorie Mammals

2011: div. pictures in German Nature Photographer Of The Year

2012: 2. Place European Nature Photographer Of The Yeardiv. Platzierungen German Nature Photographer Of The Year

2013: All Over Winner German Nature Photographer Of The Year, Allover Winner Fritz Pölking Youthprice

2014: div. pictures in German Nature Photographer Of The Year

2015: Black and White Winner Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

2016: Highly Commended at Nature Talks


I'm very proud to have so many Magazines, Newspapers, Onlinepapers and shows that published my work: 

Geo, Natur, Welt am Sonntag, Welt, Foto Forum, Forum Naturfotografie, Digital Photo, BILD, NaturFoto, RuhrNachrichten, WAZ, bodo, Pflichtlektüre




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